Hong Kong Hong Kong Intl, , Hong Kong £370.20 United Arab Emirates Dubai Intl Arpt, , United Arab Emirates £413.50 Canada Lester B Pearson Intl, , Canada £414.50 United States Los Angeles Intl Arpt, , United States £503.30 Thailand Suvarnabhumi Intl Arpt, , Thailand £635.90 Japan Haneda Arpt, , Japan £655.40 Indonesia Ngurah Rai Arpt, , Indonesia £771.70

Air France

Air France was founded on the dawn of international aviation and made its first commercial flight between Paris and London in 1919. Since then Air France together with KLM has grown into the largest European airlines delivering passengers and cargos to major business centers and vacation destinations of France, Europe and world. Also it is worth to mention that for the last five years Air France provides best rates for vacation offers and flights to France and many other European countries. Besides of that, Air France is the best way to travel to former French colonies including those situated in Africa. And no doubt that it’s the best way to travel within France and all over the European Union. Major destinations are Western and Eastern Europe including Moscow, Kiev, Minsk and some other cities of Eastern Europe (which are hardly reachable with any US airlines), Africa and Middle East, Asia, The Antilles and Indian Ocean, South Pacific, South and North America. A total of 185 destinations in 83 countries (separately) and 225 destinations in 109 countries (together with KLM) are reachable today. British, Canadian and US citizens may note that international flights of Air France are available from all big and many smaller cities and towns of Great Britain, Canada and US. Air France has its major hub and headquarters in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, wherefrom domestic and international passenger and cargo flights are operated.